Better For Managers

Sales Reps need to work on their opportunities, and managers need to know what is going on. With FloShare managers get full visibility into where their dealsare at in the process.

• You are able to see all of the stages in the opportunity that the client has agreed to, and what has been completed. All notes, attachments and members involved are just clicks away.

• Save time in your 1:1’s and jump right to the good stuff. By having the whole buying process in one place you can quickly identify and coach on what might block the deal, and see any signs that the rep may be getting into trouble.

• Find out why deals aren’t closing. When a customer pushes back, you will know in real time if they are looking to leave or looking to expand the buying process.

• Sync calendars, so that it is easy for clients to schedule available time with your reps, you and any other person in your organization that need to attend a meeting in one place.

You have spent the time and money to train your consultative sales reps, and now FloShare is the tool that enables them to be successful. With FloShare Go/No Go style collaboration, your product won’t be the only value proposition that you provide in your clients buying process.

Better for Sales

The biggest challenge in sales is differentiating yourselves from the competitor. As markets become more saturated, the way you handle your clients buying process becomes vital.

By using FloShare to manage the buying process, and provide real-time collaboration with your clients, you become the favorite place to shop when your clients have a problem they need solved. Here are some of the reasons your reps with love using FloShare:

  • Real-time scheduling with multiple team member calendar syncing
  • Process buy-in by road-mapping the buying process in a collaborative and passive way.
  • Easy document sharing and meeting preparation
  • Automated meeting reminders
  • Immediate feedback when a customer is thinking about changing a date, or ending the buying process with you.
  • Customer prompted meeting follow-up request when a customer changes timing

Better For Clients

Your clients want transparency when they are buying, and so do you. FloShare allows your customers to build their buying process with you, so that they feel confident that you are there to help them through the entire journey. They get easy access to information during the buying cycle.

  • All steps are laid out, so they know what they need to do next, and so do you.
  • They have access to all of your team members’ calendars for each meeting in one view, so if they need to reschedule a demo, they know when the Rep, Manager, and Sales Engineer are all available at the same time.
  • They have an easy way to provide documentation that is associated with a step. If you are building an ROI, you can drop a questionnaire in the meeting, and they can answer it, so that you are both ready for the call.
  • It’s easy for your clients to change dates, and say no, even if it will hurt your sales Rep’s feelings. They have the power to stock the buying process, are prompted to provide you with important feedback, and can book a follow-up meeting for when they think timing will be better all in one place.
  • With automated meeting reminders and next step reminders, they will appreciate the electronic system, and not feel like they are being over burdened by phone calls and voice messages from their sales rep.