What is FloShare ?

Is Customer Centric sales training a waste of money?

87% of sales reps abandon their consultative sales training methods within the first month on the job.

Why are they doing this? Because the training is great, but the tools to succeed are not. The most important aspect of customer centric, or consultative selling is the customer interactions. Most organizations spend fortunes on technology to get prospects into the funnel, but rely on just the sales person’s convictions to follow the best processes to get the deal done.

FloShare provides the platform that enables your sales people to support their clients through the buying process the customer centric way. FloShare allows clients to roadmap the buying process, and encourages the closing of next steps. Your clients will love it so much, they won’t want to buy any other way.

Better For Managers

You have spent the money to train the sales reps properly, but how do you know they are doing what you taught them?

With FloShare you can see that your reps are scheduling meetings in advance, asking for next steps, discerning roadblocks, and most importantly building a process that supports the customer through the buying journey. Stop relying on notes in your CRM to tell you what has been done, what needs to be done, and what will be done. See it for yourself in real time!

Better For Sales

Your sales reps are charged and ready to go with their consultative sales strategies. They know the steps and what needs to be done, but how will your sales reps manage it? FloShare automates your rep’s mundane tasks like email reminders, coordinating calendars, and following up on next steps. Your sales reps no longer has to rely on sifting through tons of different emails or calendar meetings. In fact, with FloShare your reps can empower their clients to be proactive in the buying and managing process.

Better For Clients

The most frustrating things about the buying process are the unknowns. Clients are looking to see if your product fits their needs, how much it will cost, and if you are the right vendor for them. You know that there are items that need to be sorted first and questions from the customer that need to be answered. FloShare allows you to work together to lay all the cards on the table, and towards your goals together. Whether your client is a first-time buyer and does not know how to navigate a purchase, or they are a savvy purchaser who knows what needs to happen to get it done, your clients will appreciate the service that you provide of organizing the process and providing full transparency.

Collaborate Together

Empower your clients to road-map the buying process in a way that they feel in control.

Sync Scheduling

Provide your clients with an easy way to see the shared availability of all members of your company that will be on a meeting in one consolidated view.

Build Better Processes

Allow FloShare to support your consultative sales process, and enable best practices for your reps. Or, allow FloShare to train your staff on a new process that will lead to more closed deals, and happier clients.

Get The Details

Clients often delay the no, because they don’t like to disappoint their rep. FloShare will support that a no is okay, will prompt your clients to give you the detail as to why, and schedule a follow-up when timing may be better for them.

Better For The Organization

Mitigate Risk

Ensure inspection readiness at all times through our fully compliant platform, pre-validated according to GAMP5.

Turbocharge Performance

Maintain total control over processes and documents, customize workflows to perfection, and automate where

Unite processes With Ease

Enjoy uninterrupted workflows and full traceability through seamlessly connected and integrated modules.

Count On Us To Support You

Our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions at any time. Only a first-class Scilife experience will do!